Friday, February 5, 2010

Steamed Salmon Casserole

Last night's dinner was steamed salmon casserole. Basically, you layer a number of ingredients into a soup bowl. Place it inside of a steamer and let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

The biggest difficulty I had was gathering all of the ingredients. There were a few ingredients I couldn't find. One of them was yuba, which is dried soybean milk skin, which I couldn't fine. Another one was chrysanthemum leaves -- I ended up substituting a little bit of parsley in its place. Tsuji recommends replacing it with spinach leaves.

I don't have a Japanese style steamer, and the bowls needed to be in a big steamer in order to make this work. I got out my large steamer, which is placed inside a 2 gallon stockpot. It was difficult to fit all of the bowls in there, but I stacked them in order to fit everything in the steamer.

The layers were one section of konbu, tofu, mushrooms, salmon, partially, and lemon slice and sprinkled with a little bit of sake. Although this was simple, it was incredibly delicious, moist and flavorful. The slight citric flavor of the whole dish was a subtle but tasty element. I think this is a dish that I will be repeating over and over again -- I just wish I could find some of these other ingredients.

One last thing, this was supposed to be served with ponzu sauce. I realized this a little too late and tried to improvise it at the last minute...which didn't work! I'll try again with the next dish that requires ponzu.


  1. Hi Jason- Love your blog and the salmon recipe looks fabulous. Had a really good Asian grocery in our neighborhood on Long Island. Boy do I miss it! It's a bit tricky finding ingredients here in PA. I found a link for the Benihana procedure for hibachi...I've altered it over the years and add the butter, soy, lemon and sesame seeds at the end of the cook time, but this procedure is pretty accurate. Hey, it's Benihana, it better be! Here's the link:

    I love your project and have added you to my favorites. Will be following your progress. Move over Julie...

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Nancy. I'll definitely give this a try. It isn't in Tsuji's book, so it'll be one of my side projects.

    I've got your blog on my rss reader, so I'll watch for more interesting ideas from you.